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Glacial® Rx Facial and Glacial® Rx Spot Treatment

As the first FDA-cleared treatment using Cryomodulation® technology, Glacial® Rx uses cold to stop melanin production and resolve the appearance of pigmented spots. This comfortable, fast treatment can often provide facial rejuvenation within just one session using both a light peel and microdermabrasion combined with Cryomodulation® technology. It also decreases inflammation to reduce the appearance of rosacea and melasma. 

Starting at $350 per Treatment Package Discounts Available  
Custom Pricing for Spot Treatments 

Glacial Rx System

What is the Glacial® Rx?

Only Glacial Rx uses Cryomodulation® technology to remove age spots, hyperpigmentation, and other pigmentation concerns without discomfort or skin irritation. This treatment offers the effective skin rejuvenation of a laser without discomfort or recovery time. It also works to regulate the body’s inflammatory responses, reducing the appearance of rosacea and melasma. 

How Does the Glacial® Rx Work?

Glacial Rx uses cold instead of heat to target melanin, the pigment molecule in your skin that causes dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Cells called melanocytes produce melanin in the skin. Factors like exposure to sunlight can make these cells more active, resulting in sunspots or age spots. Other factors related to pigmentation issues include the hormone-related pigmentation of melasma or the redness of rosacea. Melasma and rosacea respond well to this treatment because it downregulates the inflammatory process, helping to calm irritated skin and decrease inflammation and the resulting pigmentation changes. 

What is Treatment with the Glacial® Rx Like?

Most people report that the treatment with Glacial Rx feels soothing and cooling. The applicator never reaches a temperature uncomfortable to the skin. In fact, the cooling can actually help to depuff and soothe the facial skin for instant improvement. 

Treatment takes about 45 minutes, although if you have a larger area of skin treated it may take longer. Glacial® Rx can work anywhere on the body, not just the face, so other areas that have experienced sun exposure or otherwise have unwanted pigmentation issues can receive treatment. 

What Facial Rejuvenating Results Can I Expect?

You may see an immediate decrease in puffiness as a result of the cooling treatment. Results take about one month to appear since the treatment needs to stop melanin production and then allow the already-produced melanin to fade away. 

You can expect your skin to look brighter and clearer, with diminished pigmentation and improvements in melasma, rosacea, and sun damage.


Is There Any Downtime with Glacial® Rx?

This treatment has no downtime. Your skin may appear slightly red for a few hours, but you should feel no discomfort and can return to all of your regular activities. Unlike a laser that causes skin damage and sensitivity, the Glacial Rx treats the skin with no damage or irritation

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